Post-Covid era - Belun® Ring (BLR-100X) for Wellness Management (Delivery Product)
Post-Covid era - Belun® Ring (BLR-100X) for Wellness Management (Delivery Product)

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Sleep improves the effects of vaccines

Sleep provides essential support to the immune system. Getting sufficient hours of high-quality sleep enables a well-balanced immune defence. Studies have shown that sleep could improve the effects of vaccines, with significant positive benefits to immunity. Likewise, insufficient sleep would weaken the impact of vaccines.
Belun® Ring would monitor our sleep habits to provide better insights to users. It scientifically records our sleep architecture so that users can understand how daytime activities affect sleep and then make adjustments to their habits. For example, adjust the hours doing the following things to maintain sleep quality, e.g. e-sports, exercise, alcohol intake, drinking coffee and medication, etc. When we sleep well, we live well.

Sleep apnea weaken your brain and heart in the long-run

Snoring is common among people diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), making breathing extremely difficult or even stopping once in a while. The brain's protective mechanism causes this life-threatening scene. When our body runs out of oxygen, our brain will wake up which not only affects our sleep quality but also affects our heart & brain, thus increasing the risk to diseases like hypertension, stroke, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and dementia. There are misconceptions that sleep apnea is incurable or that once you are diagnosed with OSA, you have to use a CPAP machine throughout your life. Unfortunately, some patients do not take any action even when diagnosed with OSA, resulting in stroke and heart failure. Belun sleep technologies help the user visualize their improvement in biomarkers after some lifestyle changes, such as a diet program, reduction in alcohol consumption & myofunctional therapy, etc., which motivates users to compile with the interventions.

Improve treatment effectiveness for chronic disease patients

Sleep is highly related to different chronic diseases. Taking diabetes as an example, Specialists could provide holistic care to patients in addition to blood glucose levels; if the OSA of the patient is taken care of, it will improve the treatment effectiveness of diabetes.

Managing weight in a new scientific way

Obesity can be one of the causes of OSA, and weight reduction has a significant effect on reducing OSA severity.
Belun has collaborated with a local university to study the relationship between weight management, exercise & sleep. The study, through Belun® Ring & Belun Sleep Platform, showed improvement in people with OSA or sleep problems after weight management and regular exercise program.

Sleep Technology helps you stay healthy 

Award-winning Belun® Ring is an FDA 510(k) cleared Class II device that uncovers your sleep architecture. 

FDA report:

Benefits from the AI data analysis: The trends shown in the mobile apps provide you with knowledge about your sleep, empowering you to self-manage your health by improving habits that make your rest more productive, which means better recovery.  

Medical-grade wearable, convenient & economical

The Belun® Ring measures:

  1. Sleep Score
  2. Apnea Risk
  3. Sleep Efficiency
  4. Stress Level
  5. Sleep stage: wake, REM Sleep and non-REM Sleep
  6. Oxygen Saturation (SpO2)
  7. Pulse Rate (PR)

Minimal disturbance to sleep, allows quick and easy diagnosis for obstructive sleep apnea. 

Since 2021, Belun® Ring are widely adopted in public hospitals & clinics

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Package content

Every pack of Belun® Ring comes with 3 different sizes of ring arm, so you can find the best fit. After receiving your order, our customer service will guide you to determine the size before delivery. 


Turn on bluetooth to connect with QHMS mobile app for sleep data collection. 
Note: The Belun® Ring purchased through QHMS eShop is not applicable to connect with mobile app under Belun Technology 


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Hong Kong


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