CARUN 3S Supreme Soft Mask - Adult (50pcs/box, Individual pack) (Deliver Product)
CARUN 3S Supreme Soft Mask - Adult (50pcs/box, Individual pack) (Deliver Product)

Carun - Med360+ 3S Supreme Soft Mask 50's 【Adult】

Medical-grade anti-allergic certification, super soft and skin-friendly, first choice for sensitive skin!


  • Specially developed for sensitive skin
  • Protection efficiency reaches the highest ASTM Level 3 specifications, high resistance and high breathability
  • High efficiency filtration of more than 98% viruses, particles and bacteria
  • 6mm soft and painless ear loop
  • Size:17.5cm x 9.5cm


1. After removing the mask, put it on directly, and pull the folds up and down to completely cover the bridge of the nose and chin.

2. Press down on both sides of the molded metal sheet to fit the bridge of the nose, and adjust the elastic band to fit the entire face.

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