SPA Supreme Medcare Seat Cushion (Deliver Product)
SPA Supreme Medcare Seat Cushion (Deliver Product)

Product Details:

  • Unique U-shaped design, effectively to reduce the pressure on coccyx

  • SPA Supreme seat cushion adopts SINOMAX's patented material “X-FOAM®”. Compared with traditional space cotton fabric, it does not only has higher breathability, but also increase the performance of temperature sensibility and pressure relief function. Bring a better body support and double the comfort

  • The ice blue gel layer covers the SINOMAX space cotton fabric, effectively improving the cool and comfortable feeling

  • Using X-ORGANIC ™ material, fresh and comfortable user experience

  • The bottom is attached with a non-slip layer, which can help stable the seat cushion on the seat and avoids the problem of seat cushion shifting

  • Easy to carry and suitable for all types of seats: office seats, car seats, wheelchairs, rocking chairs, etc.

  • Waterproof layer under the cloth cover to prevent liquid from infiltrating

  • Fits the body line and disperses the weight of the sciatic bones


Dimension: 45.5 x 36 x 7cm

Outer cover materials: Grey fleece cloth with waterproof layer 100%, chemical fiber

Inner material: Memory foam plus ice-cold gel layer

*No warranty will be provided

Terms & Conditions
  • Delivery service is only applicable within Hong Kong (excluding closed areas, P.O. Box and Post Box). 
  • Expected time of delivery: Within 2 weeks after placing order.
  • Amendment or cancellation is not allowed once the payment is confirmed, and is not refundable.
  • Customer must provide valid mailing address for delivery purposes. Should delivery be unsuccessful as a result of inaccurate delivery address or the customer has failed to show up at the agreed delivery time to receive the product, re-delivery fee will be charged.
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