ESSENTIALE Liver Health (Cap 60'S)[Self Pick-up Product]
ESSENTIALE Liver Health (Cap 60'S)[Self Pick-up Product]
Essentiale Contain Natural EPL (Essentiale Phospholipid), Clinically Proven EPL Induce
Triple Action to Strengthen Liver Health:
1) Restore damaged liver tissue
2) Regenerate liver cell
3) Strengthen liver function
- Reduce fat accumulation up in liver
- Enhance liver functions, relieve fatigue, enhance nutrient absorption and promote general health
- Strengthen the detoxifying function of liver, avoiding the accumulation of toxins (e.g. Alcohol, drugs and food additives etc.) in the body
- Act as anti-oxidant to protect cells against oxidative stress
For health and well-being: 2 capsules, once a day For person with high fat in liver or poor liver function: 2 capsules, three times a day


Essential phospholipids 300mg


60 capsules

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Recommended for

Suitable for adults and children aged 12 years or above. Recommend for people who have poor liver function and higher hepatic fat; live a busy life, sleep late and are deprived of sleep, and attend party frequently; smoke, have unbalanced diet and are on long-term medication
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