Children Spinal Screening (Approx. 30 mins/session)
Children Spinal Screening (Approx. 30 mins/session)

Our spine is the main supporter of the body. Children and adolescents are in their important stages of bone development. Correct posture not only gives a smart appearance but also helps prevent injury and illness of the back.

Product Details:

Conducted by: Registered Physiotherapist

Suitable for: Children aged 5 – 12 (must be accompanied by a parent)

Spinal Assessment includes the following:

  • Spinal Range of Motion Screening – Physiotherapist assesses spinal movements of client to evaluate spinal flexibility including hypermobility and hypomobility of spinal joints
  • Spinal Palpation - Physiotherapist assesses and evaluates of any common spinal
    problems in children, such as muscle imbalances, structural changes or scoliosis of the spine
  • Corrective Exercise Prescription - Physiotherapist prescribes postural correction home

Exercises to the client as needed. Parents can practice with their children at home so as to improve the health of spine and establish a good posture


This treatment can be used at below Quality HealthCare Physiotherapy Centres: (Please contact redemption hotline 2654 3246 in advance for appointment)

Recommended for

Children aged 5 – 12 (must be accompanied by a parent)
Terms & Conditions
  1. This product can only be used at designated Quality HealthCare Physiotherapy Centres (Central-V. Heun Building , Mongkok-Fee Tat Commercial Centre and Wan Chai-C.L.I. Building), please contact redemption hotline 2654 3246 in advance for appointment.
  2. Customers must present their identity cards and order confirmation letter (printed or e-version) on the appointment day to redeem the service for verification.
  3. This product is applicable to children aged 5 – 12 (who must be accompanied by a parent).
  4. The redemption will be valid for 6 months starting from the date of payment. Customer must redeem and complete the relevant redemption within the 6 months’ period.
  5. No amendment to the plan ordered is allowed once payment is confirmed. Any fees paid will not be transferable and will not be refundable.
  6. In case of disputes, the decision of Quality HealthCare Medical Services Limited shall be final.