SmartLife Touchless Soap Dispenser Pump (275ml) (Deliver Product)
SmartLife Touchless Soap Dispenser Pump (275ml) (Deliver Product)

Product Details:

Effective and germ-free way to clean your hands with its infrared sensor, two ways to control the amount of soap desired, while its waterproof funnel opening makes refilling and cleaning fuss-free.

- Touchless sensor design dispenser pump
- Silicone valve, funnel refill opening, IPX4 waterproof
- 2 modes:
Mode I (button in blue color): dispense 0.6 second
Mode II (button in white color): dispense 1.2 second
- Suitable for lotion or foam type handwash, detergent and shower gel
- Lotion handwash should be diluted with of water (Proportion: 1: 2-6, please adjust the proportion accordingly to the texture richness of handwash), and then shake the container (do not shake with the upper part of dispenser)
- Foamy handwash can be used directly without dilution (do not use handwash product with particles, powder or pearlescent)
- Sensor distance: 5 cm
- Sensing time: 0.25 seconds

How to use:
1. Pour water (adjust the volume accordingly to the texture richness of handwash)
2. Add handwash, detergent and shower gel
3. Mix it well
4. Assemble with the upper part of dispenser (please use batteries)
5. Press start button and you may start to use it normally after few times dispensed
- Power by 3 x AA batteries (battery not included)
- Measurement 19 (H) x 7.9 (W) cm

- Remarks: Handwash lotion or liquid is not included



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