Basic Flexi Plan + Add-on Items
Basic Flexi Plan + Add-on Items

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In recent years, a trend of younger adults having “three highs” is on the rise. Three highs’ can be prevented by balanced diet, limiting the consumption of food high in trans-fat (such as fast food and confection) and cholesterol (such as animal offal), as well as engaging in moderate physical activity.

Making a choice among physical check-up plans in the market may not be easy.
More examinations items do not necessarily the better.  Instead, it is important to select the appropriate examinations based on individual needs. Check-up plans should be chosen based on personal factors such as age, family history and habits. If necessary, you should also seek professional advice

This physical check-up plan is recommended for people aged 18 or above. Include Liver Function Test, Kidney Function Test, Diabetes Screening, Blood Lipids Analysis, Lung Imaging Test etc.


  • Understanding your basic physical conditions: Weight measurement, basic vision assessment and three highs risk assessment.
  • Lung health assessment: To determine if there are any abnormal shadows in your lungs, such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, or tumors.
  • Assessment of liver and kidney health: Fatty liver, hepatitis A antibody, renal function, and potential kidney infection, etc.
  • 9 optional items: Provide a more in-depth and focused assessment based on your personal health situation and family history.

Product Details:

Detailed Medical History

Physical Examination

Visual Acuity

Body Mass Index & Waist Circumference

Laboratory Investigations & Procedures

Blood Analysis

  • Complete Blood Picture        

Kidney Function

  • Urinalysis
  • Serum Creatinine
  • Serum Urea

Liver Function

  • S.G.O.T. (AST)
  • S.G.P.T. (ALT)
  • Serum Bilirubin 

Diabetes Screening

  • Fasting Blood Glucose

Blood Lipids

  • Total Cholesterol
  • HDL - Cholesterol
  • Direct LDL - Cholesterol
  • Total / HDL Ratio
  • Triglycerides

Diagnostic Imaging & Other Investigation

Lung Imaging Test

  • Chest X-ray

Medical Report

Follow-up Consultation for Report Review


Designated Quality HealthCare Physical Check-up Centres:

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Recommended for

People aged 18 or above
Add-on Items
2D Breast Examination
3D Breast Examination
Bone Health Screening
Detailed Kidney Health Screening
Basic Liver Health Screening
Detailed Liver Health Screening
Basic Heart and Cardiovascular Health Screening
Detailed Heart and Cardiovascular Health Screening
Women Pelvic Health Screening
Prostate Health Screening
Sexual Health Screening
Basic Thyroid Function Screening
Detailed Thyroid Function Screening
Ultrasound of Carotid Intima-media Thickness (IMT)
Liver fibrosis scan
Dexa scan (Spine & Hip)
Terms & Conditions
  1. Quality HealthCare will contact the customer in around 5 working days after the date of payment for appointment arrangement. Customers can also use e-Booking service on the Quality HealthCare Mobile App or call our physical check-up hotline at 8102 8068 for booking.
  2. This physical check-up plan is only available at designated Quality HealthCare Physical Check-up Centre(s) as shown above.
  3. Customers must present their identity cards and order confirmation letter (printed or e-version) on the appointment day for verification.
  4. This physical check-up plan is only applicable to persons aged 18 or above.
  5. This physical check-up plan is not applicable on Sundays and Public Holidays.
  6. This physical check-up plan will be valid for 6 months starting from the date of payment. Customer must redeem and complete the relevant check-up within the 6 months’ period.
  7. No amendment or refund to the physical check-up plan ordered is allowed once payment is confirmed. All services cannot be resold, transferred, or used for commercial purposes without explicit written consent of Quality HealthCare.
  8. Customers are advised to have post check-up consultation with doctor for report analysis, interpretation and explanation, and recommendation of necessary follow-up and/or referral actions.
  9. In case of disputes, the decision of Quality HealthCare Medical Services Limited shall be final.
  10. For any enquiries, please call the hotline during our business hours at 8102 8068.

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Terms & Conditions:

  1. Corporate Client Privilege Code is for QHMS corporate clients only.
  2. Corporate client privilege cannot be used in conjunction with other privileges and cannot be exchanged for cash or other products, resold or used for commercial purposes.
  3. In case of dispute, the decision of Quality HealthCare Medical Services Limited shall be final.